Omkafè wins the International Coffee Tasting 2014

The sixth edition of the International Coffee Tasting 2014, the contest organised by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (Iiac), came to a close in Brescia. 149 coffees from 15 countries (Italy, Korea, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Japan, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United States, Viet Nam) took part in the contest. A jury formed by 26 judges from 9 different countries (Denmark, Japan, Korea, Italy, Malaysia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden) chose the best coffee: their different background helped make the final decision as impartial as possible.

"It's the only coffee tasting contest where the iron-clad rules of sensory analysis are followed – commented Luigi Odello, President of Iiac – This means that the tasters who are given the task of evaluating the product do not know the product brands, and that their decisions are statistically validated." The contest was also an occasion to spot trends in the industry. "When it comes to Italian coffee in particular, a host of new products emerged, including some single-origin beans, and some classics of our tradition reaffirmed itself – commented Luigi Odello, President of Iiac – a sign of fresh vitality of a market that is able to evolve, while yet drawing continued inspiration from its past".
Omkafè won the "Gold Medal" in the category of Italian Espresso with its "Platinum Premium Barista" blend.
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