Omkafè promotes and supports the sale of products emanating from biological and fairtrade sources, without compromising the quality of our coffee. We are proud to present you with two excellent lines, TERRAVIVA Utz and TERRAVIVA Bio-Fairtrade, both using 100% Arabica coffee beans - a testament to the best Italian tradition in the caffè espresso art.

Organic Farming is a type of farming that considers the entire farming ecosystem, making the most of the natural soil fertility and aiding it with a limited number of interventions: organic farming promotes the biodiversity of the environment in which it operates as well as limiting or excluding the use of synthetic products and genetically modified foods (GM foods).


The FAIRTRADE certification ensures that our raw coffee is grown and sold in accordance with rigid social, environmental and economic standards established at international level and that our product corresponds with the main criteria guaranteed by FAIRTRADE:
- Clear minimum price that covers the costs of sustainable production
- Prohibition of the employment and exploitation of child labour
- Farming practices that respect the environment and our health.

UTZ ensures effective farming and commercial regulations for the production of coffee while respecting social principles, like the prohibition of forced and child labour, and guaranteeing for safety and security conditions at the workplace. UTZ respects the territory protection, making a minimal and responsible use of farming chemicals whilst trying to reduce the amount of water and energy used so as to reduce the environmental pollution level.