Environment respect


Thanks to the sun in our beautiful country, Omkafè itself produces over 50 % of the energy it needs. The remaining demand for power is acquired from renewable sources certified by RECS. Our recently constructed new headquarters were designed to guarantee maximum energy savings in lighting and air-conditioning.

Our new roasting facility is represented by a traditional type of roasting drum heated by hot air. Any emissions into the atmosphere have been reduced to a minimum by using a catalytic conversion system that goes behind law provisions.


When it comes to packing and packaging, Omkafè prefers to use recyclable materials. When shipping products, we reuse paper material produced in the factory, appropriately cut up, thereby minimising material wastage and the need to purchase more packaging material.

Omkafè decided not to produce coffee in aluminium or plastic capsules, preferring the more traditional filter-paper bags, which are the only natural and therefore fully biodegradable bags. The food-safe filter paper, also used for tea bags, is healthier and does not release harmful substances when filtering the coffee. In all, our coffee is delicious and healthy, as much for whoever tastes it as for the environment.