The Omkafè recipe

Ever since it was founded, Omkafè has been mixing its own blends with special care and attention to every detail. Each lot of coffee is carefully selected from the finest coffees on the market and is purchased only after it has passed a tasting test by the family's experts.

The unique roasting recipe that is specific for each blend is the product of experience handed down through generations of roasters and guarantees the coffee's consistency over time


- Cup tasting of all origin coffees when purchased

- Slow Italian-style roasting in a traditional hot-air roaster for 18-20 minutes

- A dedicated roasting recipe for each blend of coffee

- The coffee is air cooled - without water - during or after roasting

- Laser control of the degree of roasting

- After roasting, each blend is allowed to rest for 7 days before it is sold

- Coffee produced with 100% renewable energy