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if you fall asleep every night dreaming about the scent of coffee in the morning; if you can't wait to take a coffee break; if you feel like walking on clouds every time you enjoy coffee's intense and strong aroma, then you're in the right place . Welcome to the Coffee Lover Club!We have dedicated a special section for people like you, whose emotions reach the highest notes every time they drink coffee . Omkafè celebrates your love for coffee, inaugurating the first Coffee Lover Club in Trentino .

for coffee lovers, our museum is a true burst of emotions . Here, you can discover the history of your favourite beverage and how Omkafè is part of your daily life .

Enjoy coffee

Enjoy the tastings designed explicitly for coffee lovers . We have selected our best blends to amaze your taste buds .
Omkafè is ready to amaze you with intense and unexpected selections .

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  • Omkafè, nuova immagine, qualità di sempre.

    Un nuovo inizio, il caffè e la cura di sempre. Vi presentiamo il nostro nuovo logo: racconta chi è Omkafè oggi, con tutta la sua storia.

  • Ariva, il gusto diventa emozione.

    Un incontro di elementi, terra acqua ed aria, che dà vita ad un desiderio: riavvicinarsi alla pura ed accogliente natura sulle rive del lago di Garda.

Courses for you!

Omkafè Academy was created to promote the culture and love for quality coffee .

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Be inspired by our coffee blends

Gourmet blends

The exquisite taste of excellence

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Filter blends

Enjoy your coffee your way

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The taste of emotion

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Classic blends

Scents and stories that take you back home

buon caffè

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